Portland’s Graduate Programme: you get out what you put in

Portland’s Graduate Programme: you get out what you put in

Portland gives you everything you need to thrive; the rest is up to you.

As we sat at our desks on day one, we hit the ground running. It became very clear, very quickly, to me that Portland would be a place where I could thrive. From my experience so far, there are three main reasons for this:

1. Portland challenges you.

Portland’s reputation speaks for itself. This gives you exposure to a wide range of clients, each with a variety of challenges, and the work you do for them reflects this. From due diligence reports and calling journalists, to social media audits and door-knocking in Shepherd’s Bush, Portland pushes you to do tasks that you may not have experienced before.

2. Portland teaches you.

Though you are exposed to such a wide array of clients and challenges almost immediately, you are never made to feel overwhelmed. Such is the expertise, experience and approachability of the people surrounding you, there is no better learning environment; your colleagues are always on hand to guide you through every step. Working as part of such an energetic and skilful team gives you unrivalled exposure and experience, enabling you to learn key skills quickly.

3. Portland rewards you.

Though an ‘open-door’ policy sounds like a cliché, it becomes clear from day one that everyone, from partners to account executives, work together to make your experience as enriching as possible. Success is always shared, and no-one is made to feel isolated. This culture helps build a team spirit that is the underlying success of the company. From working and socialising together to playing for Portland F.C., you become part of a team that makes you thrive.

At Portland therefore, you are given everything you need in order to start what could be a rewarding career: great exposure and expert mentoring with a strong team ethos.

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