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The Scottish Conservatives need to save their campaign to save the Union

Over 700 years have passed since the Scottish Wars of Independence. While ballots, not battles, is now how...

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The Alba Party and Salmond’s independence gamble

As a political and personal attack, it was not subtle. "Everybody knew Alex Salmond was a gambler because...

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Redesigning work for the future

As we glimpse at what appears to be light at the end of the Covid tunnel, businesses around...

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After first TV debate, every Leader has more work to do to appeal to voters

TV leaders’ debates are always crucial moments in an election campaign. For the leaders of the political parties,...

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The constitution election

As the Scottish Parliament election gets underway, the serving First Minister Nicola Sturgeon could scarcely have hoped for...

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Ten things to watch for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election

On May 6th, Scots will go the polls in the sixth Scottish Parliament election since devolution. Against a...

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Global Britain or Little Britain? The flag furore can play both ways

Britain seems to be undergoing a fit of patriotism. Enough with Brexit, vaccine nationalism, or even the Harry...

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