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Creating a legacy: What can we expect from Sadiq?

This year was an incredibly challenging time for local government right across the country – on the front...

Local Government, Public Affairs, UK Politics

Boris Moves to Close Labour’s Options

It was President Bill Clinton’s strategist, James Carville, who said when a political opponent is drowning, “throw them...

Local Government, Public Affairs, UK Politics

Incumbency: Reshaping the political landscape

These were strange elections and they’ve perhaps had more of an impact than was expected. The pandemic led...

Local Government, Public Affairs, UK Politics

What happens next: The Battle for Britain

We have been living through a constitutional cold war, with a political stalemate between Boris Johnson and Nicola...

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Words of wisdom – advice to new MSPs

A new job is a time to look in the mirror and undertake a self-assessment about what one...

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The London Commercial Courts – resilience in the face of challenges

Perhaps the most striking feature of this year’s Report is the remarkable resilience of the London Commercial Courts,...

Litigation and Disputes

Last week nerves and what to expect

Sore feet, achy limbs, feeling exhausted but running on adrenaline pretty much sums up the last week of...

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