People’s Government – Boris pledge to rule for ALL of Britain

People’s Government – Boris pledge to rule for ALL of Britain

The United Kingdom is about to undergo the most fundamental change in generations thanks to Boris Johnson’s landslide election victory.

Britain will leave the European Union within weeks.

The Prime Minister has won a mandate to reform his Conservative Party into a blue collar, reforming movement.

Working class Conservatism is here to stay.

The UK finally has a clear leader with an unshakable grip for years to come.

The country hasn’t had a leader with an unquestioned mandate since 2005.

Boris has shown once and for all he is not to be underestimated.

The stunning victory in his leadership campaign and his ability to pull off a new Withdrawal Agreement both showed his ability to get things done.

The pound will rally and foreign direct investment will flow into the country as businesses around the globe back the certainty.

This will have a huge impact on Britain’s economy and give a shot in the arm as it seeks to negotiate free trade agreements.

That strong leadership also applies to Scotland.

The SNP clearly won north of the border and Nicola Sturgeon will feel she has a mandate for a second independence referendum.

This could lead to the break-up of the Union.

She has no power to call a referendum but she could hold an “indicative” poll to pile pressure on Mr Johnson.

Downing Street staff are already braced for major changes starting today.

The Brexit department, DExEU, will fold once the Withdrawal Bill is completed by New Year’s Eve.

A new Welsh Secretary and Culture Secretary will be appointed.

We should anticipate most senior Cabinet positions will remain in their existing hands.

The business community will get a new relationship with the Premier and his team.

Much-trusted fixer Sir Eddie Lister will now take the lead on building a positive relationship between the Conservatives and business.

Eddie is widely respected, credited by many with smoothing the path to the PM’s Brexit deal by building strong back channels between Downing Street and the Irish government.

But there is no doubt that corporate governance will come under pressure for significant reform.

The Prime Minster and his team have won Labour supporters for the first time since Margaret Thatcher.

They lent the Prime Minister their votes on the back of Brexit.

But keeping them for the next General Election will be hard unless Mr Johnson manages to make the free market deliver greater security for the many.

Thinkers like George Freeman and Will Tanner will drive an agenda for reforming the Conservative Party.

The right wing of his party will lose their ability to hold Mr Johnson to ransom on a hard Brexit.

Money will be pumped into schools, hospitals and the police.

And the North and Midlands will see real efforts to close the wealth gap with the South.

Environmental policy will run through the Government’s policies.

But a drive to make Britain fit for the 21st Century will begin with massive infrastructure projects.

Ministerial decisions around defence, energy and industrial strategy which have been postponed for years can now be made.

And enormous change will face the Labour Party.

Expect Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell to announce this morning they will quit their disastrous stewardship.

The party is already locked in a bitter civil war for the soul of the party.

Momentum are determined not to release control.

But choosing a new leader in the mould of Corbyn will fill the party’s moderates with fear of being banished to the periphery of UK politics for good.

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