Russia and Syria dominate discussion as G8 closes

Russia and Syria dominate discussion as G8 closes

With the Summit now finished, we’re taking a look at what was discussed on Twitter around the G8 on the final day of the Summit.

As was the case on day one, Russia and Syria were among the most discussed issues on Twitter yesterday. One of the most popular tweets – posted by the BBC’s Norman Smith (@BBCNormanS) pointed out that Russia was the only G8 country not to host a live streamed press conference.

There was also great speculation – led mainly by a tweet from Russia Today (@RT_com) – about Russia blocking any mention of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the official G8 communiqué.

Other tweets implied that the G8 – including Russia – had come to some sort of consensus on Syria and will work to end the violence.

As the final G8 communiqué showed, both sides were right: the G8 has called for an end to the bloodshed in Syria and for peace talks to be held as soon as possible, but there was no mention of Assad directly.

Other key issues discussed included the signing of the Lough Earne Declaration, counter-terrorism, and – as is always the case – the G8 family photo.

We’ll be back soon with our complete review and analysis of the Twittersphere’s reaction to the 2013 G8 Summit.

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