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  • Can Scottish Labour be cautiously optimistic?

    With Kezia Dugdale’s shock resignation, Scottish Labour are now recruiting their fourth leader in as many years. Should the stars align for the new leader, the Party may be able to start to yield real influence on Scottish Government policy for the first time in over a decade of opposition.

    Challenges in measuring public diplomacy

    To be an effective public diplomat, you need a well of sufficient soft power resources on which to draw. There is no canonical definition of public diplomacy (PD), but the official practice of it involves using informational, educational and cultural tools to engage with international audiences to advance foreign policy goals.

    Brexit negotiations: Third Time Lucky?

    As the summer winds to a close, the publication of the Government’s Brexit position papers has returned Brexit to the top of the agenda. These papers, designed to counter repeated EU accusations of a lack of detail from the UK’s negotiating team, proceed the latest round of talks in Brussels due to begin next week.

    Portland Health team expands globally with U.S. Partner

    Alfred Jackson, a Washington-based leader in health communications, advocacy and public affairs, will lead the U.S. offer, working alongside the wider business as it continues to expand globally.

    Brexit bill: Eyes on the prize

    Despite what you may have read Britain’s position on a range of Brexit issues is well known. Since the negotiations began in June, Britain has put forward position papers on citizens’ rights, the European Court of Justice, and Euratom, and will reportedly publish ones on Northern Ireland and the customs union later this month.

    London is still the leading global disputes hub – for now

    The English courts have long been the jurisdiction of choice for settling disputes. Coupled with the City’s reputation as an international financial hub, London has hosted some of the world’s largest and most complex commercial cases. It seems that, at least for now, this trend is continuing.

    Getting tech companies “onside” with counter-terrorism

    Our latest thoughts on Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s suggestion of outright banning end-to-end encryption.

    Transitional deal: Nice idea but don’t hold out hope

    The Chancellor caused a stir today when he became the highest ranking member of the Government to publicly commit Britain to a transitional departure from the EU.

    The Gender Pay Gap challenges

    Employers will benefit from getting ahead of the Gender Pay Gap and reporting early, according to a panel of experts assembled by Portland. But in order to do so successfully, they must have a narrative and plan of action in place showing what they intend to do.

    Chatbots: The opportunity is vast but not without risk

    Since Facebook unveiled its 'Bot Platform' for Messenger at its F8 Facebook Developer Conference last year, over 30,000 chatbots have been created – and pushed live – on Facebook’s messaging platform alone.

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