Portland meets LADbible

On Thursday 29 November, our Behind the News breakfast series returned with the LADbible's Group Head of Communications' Peter Heneghan. Hosted by Account Director Richard Suchet, the discussion proved to be of great insight.

Theresa on tour…

Downing Street is in campaign mode, supportive MPs are being identified and stakeholders lined up for endorsements. There’s a daily themed grid in place, around which messaging will (in theory) be devised and delivered. 

Group litigation: how to manage the non-legal aspects of your case

Group litigations are on the rise in England and Wales. This growth has occurred despite the absence of a generally applicable and transferable legal framework.

2018 United States midterm election

The results on Tuesday’s 2018 midterm elections revealed a deeply divided country, with both sides dissatisfied with the state of politics in America.

The devil is in the detail

The EU commission cannot maintain the confidence of the EU 27 without popular support. It’s time to win back public trust.

Kenya holds the upper hand when it comes to Brexit

The UK government is eager to build deeper ties with old and new friends. In this realignment of Britain’s foreign policy priorities, Kenya holds excellent cards and stands to benefit.

Hard Laws, Soft Power

The English legal system is arguably one of the UK’s most successful exports. But as power centres shift across the globe – and as Brexit edges ever closer – does the UK risk losing this soft power advantage?

The influencers behind Twitter in Africa

In a post-truth world filled with fake news, allegations of malign influence on elections and electoral fraud, social media has taken on an increasingly important role.

Cities: the major new player in the diplomatic game

Global organisations, non-governmental groups and international businesses are all playing a large part in how nations interact, and so too are cities.

Trump’s ‘digital diplomacy’

Portland has analysed all 4,032 tweets made by British MPs mentioning Donald Trump since his inauguration on January 20th 2017 until the 18th of June 2018, four weeks before his expected arrival, to see what impact this bombastic President has had on the ‘special relationship’.

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