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  • Not another proxy Brexit election

    It is irrefutable that Ireland being on the outer edge of Europe, and literally being between Britain and the USA, is currently at this mercy of the chaos of international politics. To add to this melting pot of uncertainty, Enda Kenny the prime minister announced his retirement yesterday. Get ready folks for another election that has Brexit consequences.

    The digital battleground in #GE17

    With every passing election and referendum the digital space has become increasingly important to politicians trying to reach their audience. Why? Digital campaigns deliver in three key ways for political campaigns: message, money and mobilisation.

    Sport takes bronze when understanding importance of reputation management

    Though the best of sport beats business and politics when it comes to things like teamship, mindset, resilience, in general terms it’s sport that takes the bronze when it comes to understanding the importance of reputational management, and developing the systems needed to ensure those reputational currencies are kept in credit.

    The communications challenge to fight global cyber attacks

    The recent ‘Wannacry’ ransomware attacks which have hit over 150 countries have the potential to cause lasting damage to the reputations of organisations around the world. Large and small organisations, in the public and private sector have all been apparently targeted in the latest high profile hack.

    What will be in the 2017 election manifestos?

    With four weeks to go before the snap election, the race is on to set out party manifestos. Publication was due next week, but Labour’s 43-page draft document has now been leaked.

    Come dine with me

    Following the last few days, it would seem the Brexit negotiations have begun to turn sour. EU leaders have accused the Prime Minister of “living in a different galaxy” and suggested that her demands are “delusional” – terms hardly conducive to a cooperative and collaborative negotiating atmosphere.

    The new Old Media

    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Or in the case of Old Media, you can’t teach the old juggernauts of reporting how to fight off their Web 2.0 New Media compatriots.

    France’s four-round election

    Four days after the UK’s general election, the French will also be called to elect their representatives for the National Assembly. Voters will have to choose between candidates from at least five different parties and will often vote twice, in a two-round system akin to that of the presidency.

    All girls deserve an education, not just the lucky ones

    When she stepped down as Prime Minister in 2013, Julia Gillard didn’t opt for an easy life. Instead, she chose to take on one of the greatest global challenges of our time: how to give more children a quality education. In 2014 she became Chair of the Global Partnership for Education. In the latest Portland Global View blog, Julia Gillard focuses on a specific and crucial challenge, and one often seen as a key to long-term development, that of educating girls. 

    UK’s aid budget an unexpected focus in the UK General Election

    As speculation grew last week that the aid budget would be trimmed, a counter campaign to show the value of the UK’s aid programme found its voice. 

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