Former Minister, James O’Shaughnessy, re-joins Portland

Conservative Peer, James O’Shaughnessy, is returning to Portland as a member of the firm's Advisory Council.

The new rules for talking about M&A

Many company bosses and boards have not helped themselves in this context by being slow to react.

For the sake of female sport, football needs to come home

A summer of immense female sport awaits, as do the athletes armed with a point to prove.

Trump doesn’t want the NHS

While visiting London last week, President Trump made a splash by seeming to suggest the NHS was of interest to the U.S. as part of a potential post-Brexit US/UK trade agreement.

Leadership candidates get social

The scramble to succeed Theresa May has focused Tory minds on the importance of getting social media right.

Mandating Drug Prices in Ads May Lead to Consumer Hesitancy and Big Pharma Pushback

In early May, the Trump administration announced that it will require pharmaceutical companies to disclose the “list price” of their prescription drugs in direct-to-consumer television advertisements.

End of the line for May

As Theresa May calls time on her period as Prime Minister, politics in the UK enters into a new period of instability.

The Brexit Party’s Twitter breakthrough

Analysis of Twitter by Portland found that ahead of the EU elections the two major parties could be faltering even more than the public polls suggest.

Is working in the City bad for your mental health?

As pressures mount on firms in the City of London to do more for their staff on mental health issues, one worker details his experiences with depression having burnt out in the cut-throat environment.

Uncertainty remains the main challenge

This morning saw the launch of Portland’s latest Brexit publication - Mind the Gap: Navigating the EU after Brexit. Here are some of the key takeaways from the panel discussion.

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