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    At the start of 2011, who would have predicted that Mubarak and Gaddafi would be gone by the year end, so would the News of the World, that we’d see riots on the streets of London, a Euro zone on its knees and that David Cameron would have a more peaceful Christmas break than the […]

    Tory MPs want police elections to put them on the map

    Tory MPs are urging David Cameron to focus on law and order in 2012 to remind voters the Conservatives are tough on crime. Backbenchers want to reinforce the party’s lead on an issue which is always in the top three of voters’ concerns. There is a perfect opportunity in November 2012 when voters elect Police […]

    Crisis will dominate rest of Parliament

    Downing Street is focussed on a chilling thought – the economic crisis will dominate David Cameron’s Premiership until the general election and beyond. Number 10 officials have feared for some time the writing was on the wall. But now Downing Street brains are studying how the Prime Minister should govern in a world where all […]

    Shining a light on governance in Africa

    Over the past twelve months Africa has undergone dramatic and unexpected changes. The Arab Spring, the secession of South Sudan and the presidential, legislative and local elections in an astounding 27 African countries have all transformed the continent this year. Governance in Africa has never been as high on the international media agenda as it […]

    Portland NewsTweet index reveals movers and shakers on Twitter

    Twitter is now well established with media movers and shakers in the UK, who are using it to share links, stories and opinions. We at Portland wanted to better understand who are the most influencial tweeters among the ranks of journalists and media outlets who are active on Twitter and find out which stories were grabbing […]

    November 29th is G Day

    George Osborne has just 40 days and 40 nights to pull off a miracle in his autumn statement. Politicians and business figures believe November 29 is the day on which the government’s success or failure hangs. It is the moment when the Chancellor must deliver a package of measures designed to kick Britain’s economy into […]

    Notes from a fervent Welsh Rugby Fan

    Pass the sick bag! No it’s not the flu jab I had at lunchtime. My nerves are kicking in…. We are now less than 24 hours away from the second biggest match in Welsh rugby history. We have triple crowns and grand slams aplenty. But this is different. This is the Rugby World Cup. Being […]

    New Faces

    ED Miliband has attempted to pile the pressure on David Cameron with a radical shakeup of his top team. The Labour leader has promoted women and smart performers from his new intake to try and draw a distinction with the PM’s Cabinet. His aim is to make the PM feel uncomfortable with the quantity and […]

    Introducing the digital edition of the Portland Quarterly

    Part of my summer reading this year was Erik Qualman’s excellent book “Socialnomics” http://www.socialnomics.net/ which examines how social media is transforming the way we live and do business. As Erik puts it “We don’t have a choice whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it.” Although many brands have worked out how […]

    A league of their own

    In the Coalition’s quest for a more transparent Whitehall, Government departments have been asked to publish reports detailing their progress month-by-month. With Ministers currently on a break from Parliament to attend their respective Party Conferences, Portland has looked at which departments are the teachers’ pets and which are failing to hand their projects in on time. In […]

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