From the frontline: Portland Nairobi and Horn of Africa crisis

15 days. This is the average amount of time that it has taken Somali refugees to walk from conflict- and drought-ravaged Somalia to the Dadaab refugee camp in north-eastern Kenya. Dadaab, located approximately 100 km from the Kenya-Somalia border, is the largest refugee camp in the world, growing at approximately 1,200 people per day. The […]

Portland strengthens corporate practice with two senior appointments

Portland, London’s fastest-growing independent communications consultancy, is strengthening its corporate offer with two new senior hires to its communications practice. Adrian Warr, former Associate Board Director at Freud Communications, and Caroline Edgar, previously an Account Director in Cohn & Wolfe’s corporate division, both join Portland this month. Portland rose from #30 to #7 in PR […]

Television: Life beyond the wasteland

Every August Bank Holiday the television industry travels North to spend a few days talking about itself. The centrepiece of the Edinburgh Television Festival is the Mactaggart lecture, this year being delivered by Eric Schmidt of Google. To the neutral observer this has to be good news. It breaks the cycle of lectures which one […]

Picking Public Fights

David Cameron and Ed Miliband are picking high profile fights to define their leadership. The PM and Labour leader made major speeches on “broken Britain” as they try to better define the men they are. Mr Cameron is aiming at the teaching unions and police chiefs – but is keen to support teachers and police officers […]

Europe needs a leader. It should have chosen one when it had the chance.

Stock markets tumble, the banks are in crisis and Europe cries out for direction. “We don’t know who is in charge” says former Italian prime minister Romano Prodi. EU leaders should be reminded that they have only got themselves to blame. Two years ago they had the chance to put someone in place who could […]

Growth, schools and welfare – the Autumn offensive

Team Cameron is busy planning an Autumn onslaught on education, welfare and the spirit of business designed to put fire in the bellies of the Tories. Key advisors are working up ideas to provide the PM with a programme of issues on which to focus in the run-up to Christmas. I’d expect to see the PM […]

The Coalition Government’s End of Term Report

A collection of public affairs professionals brought together by Portland have given David Cameron a solid B for his performance as PM this year. The Premier was seen as having put in a steady but slightly below par 12 months, according to the group of government relations experts. But Mr Cameron’s End of Term report […]

Taking the politics out of regulation…and regulators out of politics

In 2009 David Cameron gave a speech at a Reform event setting out what a future Government under his leadership would do to the nation’s quangos. “With a Conservative government, Ofcom as we know it will cease to exist,” he said. “Its remit will be restricted to its narrow technical and enforcement roles. It will no longer […]

The battle for Britain’s high street

There’s a new political battleground. While politicians once argued about who could be toughest on crime, now they wrangle over how tough they can be on supermarket monopolies. Supermarkets are an important feature of the high street, but things could get tough when the localism bill becomes law. Labour leader Ed Miliband kicked off the debate, […]

David Laws MP ‘Coalition Govt far preferable to irrelevance’

David Laws, the Liberal Democrat MP and former Chief Secretary to the Treasury has been telling Portland about how the Coalition Government is doing far better than he expected. Laws, one of the architects of the deal that tied his party to the Conservatives, says that being in Government and ‘making the tough choices’ is […]

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