Helping the UK economy take off

There are some things that just don’t seem to go together, no matter how hard you try.  Transport and the environment can quite easily be put into two apparently separate categories, with little prospect of reconciliation.  The problem for the Government is that transport, particularly in light of our status as an island nation, is […]

Cable’s Carte Blanche shows Coalition Will Survive

In the old days, Craig Oliver would have been drafting an exchange of letters between David Cameron and Vince Cable – accepting the business secretary’s resignation. It was the job of the communications director to ensure an orderly process when a Cabinet minister openly defied the Prime Minister on the day of a major speech. But Mr […]

The Government that didn’t shut down

While the US cable news networks’ countdown clocks ticked away towards the government shuttering its doors last Friday, the real countdown last week was the start of the 2012 US presidential campaign. The dynamics of that campaign are being shaped by the developing fight over the 2012 budget, the government’s debt ceiling and a longer […]

Reshuffle talk is in the air

It’s spring and reshuffle talk is in the air. Middle-ranking and junior ministers are already jockeying for position even though no one knows for sure what David Cameron intends. I’m told no one in 10 Downing Street is talking about a shakeup in Cabinet. Figures like Home Secretary Theresa May and Communities supremo Eric Pickles […]

Is it such a bad thing that London is PR capital of the world?

Is it a bad thing that London has become the world capital for reputational management, including for leaders we would not want running our own country? If all that PR companies do is advise undemocratic countries on how to stay undemocratic, put a positive gloss on human rights abuses, and continue to exercise control of […]

Don’t raise our rents!

The Portland team have been busy this week launching a new campaign on behalf of the Scouting Association aimed at raising awareness of high rent and rate increases inflicted on them by local authorities around the country. Some of the increases threaten local Scout groups with closure or massive rises in subs and cuts to […]

All hands on deck to save Tories from AV

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have become “temporarily undocked” as the PM wakes up to the very real danger of losing the referendum on AV. Mr Cameron is a worried man, I’m very reliably informed. The PM has ordered an emergency push to deliver a “no” in the AV referendum at all costs. Otherwise, general […]

People power and the internet

It’s a known fact that each ton of newsprint requires the cutting down of 12 mature trees. I found it rather ironic then that most newspapers were supporting the recent campaign to Save Our Forests. The real winner, however, in the successful fight against the Government’s proposed forestry sell-off was ‘people power’ and the internet. […]

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