Introducing… HERO (hear, engage, react, optimise)

Introducing… HERO (hear, engage, react, optimise)

When Portland Engagement was launched in May 2015, our aim was to immerse the practice within our integrated business to offer new and exciting ways of creating effective employee strategies.

Effective internal communications matter. The data shows that engaged employees are more loyal, more productive and happier. Yet, when organisations ask their employees how satisfied they are, they place a huge amount of trust in people articulating their honest feelings. Yet, in many organisations, people are often reluctant to do so. For one reason or another, they respond in a way that they feel they should.

We have partnered with chartered business psychologists to create an engagement tool that uses non-conscious feedback mechanisms. Having worked with a variety of well-known organisations and businesses, we know that it is the hidden, non-conscious needs that drives productivity, loyalty and wellbeing at work.

‘HERO – hear, engage, react, optimise’.

A tool that sits online, HERO can identify collective sentiment towards an organisation and provides employees with a clear set of feedback and recommendations. Unlike other traditional mechanisms, our tool uses imagery as a means for measuring levels of employee or member satisfaction, allowing participants to make non-conscious decisions that provide accurate and representative findings.

Dr Jane Brearley, Partner, Portland Engagement said on the launch of the tool: “Portland are thrilled to be able to launch this tool and move away from traditional staff surveys, which don’t always reveal a true picture. Our collaboration with our behavioural psychologist Dr. Simon Moore has been crucial in developing this innovative and exciting tool. HERO will support our clients to understand the crux of how employees and members view their organisation and how engagement can be improved.”

At Portland, we deliver exciting and innovative methods of communicating for our clients on a daily basis. However, we’re also aware that two-way communication is key; organisations cannot expect their employees to engage with their message if they’re unwilling to engage with employees. HERO is a truly innovative way of encapsulating what your employees and members think about you that can then be used to inform an engagement strategy that really works.

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