Could there be a better time to work in public affairs?

Could there be a better time to work in public affairs?

In the past months we’ve seen a revision of the relationship between the judiciary and the legislature; we’ve seen a parliamentary session illegally suspended; we’ve seen a new Prime Minister lose his first six votes in the Commons in as many days; we’ve seen an Opposition refuse – on several occasions – to grant a General Election; and we’ve seen the boundaries of party politics change beyond recognition as MPs move between and beyond their natural political homes.

These are not ordinary times, but they couldn’t be better for cutting your teeth in the world of public affairs.

As a ‘Young Portlander’, it’s your job to cut through this incessant noise coming out of a 24-hour news cycle that seemingly has new and novel content every day.

And, with political engagement at an all-time high, and everyone happy to flaunt their opinions online, simply recounting the headlines – or your Twitter feed – is simply not an option.

You’ve got to provide clarity to your clients. You’ve got to see things from their perspective to outline how events could impact them and their business. You’ve got to explain what it means, what could be around the corner and why your clients should care and how they should think about reacting.

If this sounds difficult: it is. But I can’t think of a more invigorating challenge for an ambitious graduate.

And when the going gets really tough, rest assured that at Portland there’s always someone who knows the subject inside out.

Whether its Brexit, the constitution, green finance, infrastructure, tech or tax there’s someone who can help you explain it plainly and simply and clarify your thoughts. They’re usually sitting right next to you.

On the rare occasions they’re not, you could just pop downstairs for a Portland Academy to hear from a BBC journalist, or an MP, or a think-tank leader or a leading civil servant to get their take on where things are and where they’re going.

It’s this opportunity to work alongside the best in the business, and learn from those at the forefront of their fields, that makes Portland such a special place to work, and continues to kickstart careers across the board.

There’s no better time to let it do the same for yours.

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