Portland launches new Brexit Unit 

Portland launches new Brexit Unit 

Portland has established a dedicated Brexit Unit to advise its clients around the world. The new unit, bringing together senior consultants, will provide strategic counsel through the new political landscape to British businesses, and international firms operating in the UK.

At launch, Portland’s Brexit Unit includes:

  • Sir Stephen Wall – Portland’s Chief Europe Adviser and the UK’s former Permanent Representative (Ambassador) to the European Union in Brussels.
  • Radek Sikorski – A member of Portland’s Advisory Council and former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Donald Tusk’s Cabinet (2007-14).
  • Michael Portillo – A member of Portland’s Advisory Council, and former Conservative Cabinet Minister.
  • Kitty Ussher – Portland’s Chief Economic Adviser and former City Minister at the Treasury.
  • Steve Morris – Portland’s Managing Partner and former adviser to Tony Blair on European issues and spokesperson to EC President Romano Prodi.

Our senior advisory group will be supported by a dedicated team of consultants from across Portland, including its offices in New York and Washington.

This is a critical time for our clients in the UK, and those who do business here. Already we are working hard to help them understand how we will exit Europe, what this might mean for their business and how they can enter the debate.

To stay abreast with the latest news and insights from our team, follow our dedicated Brexit website and if you would like to speak to any of our experts to discuss what Brexit means for you, then please get in touch: [email protected]

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