24 hours of tweets in Africa

24 hours of tweets in Africa

Twitter use around the world is on the rise. That story isn’t new. But who are these tweeters and where are they?

In 2012, we released How Africa Tweets – the first comprehensive analysis of Twitter use on the continent. Two years on – tomorrow, more specifically – we’ll be releasing our next How Africa Tweets study.

While we focused on countries last time, this year’s study will be focused on which cities are the most active on Twitter.

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, we’ve put together this animated map showing 24 hours of Twitter activity in Africa.

With data pulled directly from the Twitter API, each point of light relates to a tweet coming out of one Africa’s 20 most populated cities.

Check in tomorrow for the full findings of How Africa Tweets and feel free to let us know what you think about how Twitter is used in Africa by tweeting with #AfricaTweets

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