Portland Local: are you ready for the quiet revolution in local politics?

Portland Local: are you ready for the quiet revolution in local politics?

A quiet revolution is taking place in politics. From the Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework through to a raft of new directly-elected mayors and Police & Crime Commissioners, politics is about to get more local – and local politics far more interesting.

It needs a new approach which is why we are launching Portland Local. Led by Kevin McKeever, who brings a wealth of experience in planning communications and local campaigning to Portland, we will help chart a way through this changing political landscape.   You can read PR Week’s coverage of today’s launch below.

There is no shortage of questions to be answered. Will neighbourhood planning give a voice to the silent majority or simply more power to the usual suspects? Will these powers be used differently in different parts of the country? And can local authorities square the demand from government for growth-focused planning with the ever-present NIMBY tendencies in their backyards?

There will be fresh opportunities and challenges, too, for businesses and organisations. Have you considered how Police & Crime Commissioners could look well beyond traditional core policing issues, impacting your operations? Or how you can best influence which powers are devolved – or not – from Whitehall to new directly elected mayors in your community?

We will use our expertise and experience to help you find the right answers. We’re building on our strong track record in planning communications where we have used political campaigning tactics successfully. We are committed to developing fresh thinking on planning and regeneration, local economic growth and the provision of local services through a partnership with the Future of London think tank.  And we examine the potential challenges and opportunities that the mayoral referendums will present for ten of England’s largest cities in the Portland Quarterly.

Take a look at the Portland Local offer and email Kevin McKeever if you would like to start a conversation about how we can help.

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